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Social Anxiety Post Pandemic

What is Social Anxiety? Social anxiety is a long term fear of being in social situations. Instead of being comfortable being with groups of people, sufferers feel very anxious and worried. Even thinking about putting themselves in a group situation…

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Exam Time

Exam time is fast approaching. The pressure is on for teenagers (and even 11 year olds with SATS). There is a culture of constant testing/exam practising in schools. This is not the fault of the schools but the system and…

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Fear or Phobia and Does it Matter?

A phobia can be described as an irrational fear of something. It stems from the subconscious mind and, as such, cannot be controlled by willpower. It is no good asking the sufferer to think logically about the thing that is…

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The Attitude of Gratitude

I've just been reading my Facebook feed and I've come to the conclusion that people think in two different ways. Or more precisiely seem to fall into two groups. I am 'friends' with a few people who seem to notice…

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