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Past Life Regression

Can past life regression give you insight into your present life?

Have you ever wondered if you’ve had a life before this one? Different opinions exist on this very interesting topic. You may be adamant that you’ve lived before, you may hope that’s true but not be convinced or you may think we only live once. Whichever of those is true for you, past life regression can be useful for several reasons. You can use it as a tool to examine issues in your life right now. In my opinion, it doesn’t really matter where you think the information is coming from. You may think your subconscious mind is bringing up another existence you’ve had or you may think it is just random information that you already store. Your subconscious mind will be doing healing work for you whatever your beliefs and I will help you to use the information to come to a better understanding of yourself.

How is past life regression used in a hypnotherapy treatment plan?

If you are curious to explore past lives you can book a single session as an avenue of discovery. You will be guided into deep hypnosis in a session lasting around an hour and a half. Notes will be provided after the session so that you can review what was said. If you feel that you require a second session to explore more deeply or follow up on work already done, you can make that decision at the end of the session.

Alternatively, you may decide to include one session as a part of other programmes of work being undertaken. This is always at the your own request and will always be pre-planned.

If you would like any further information on this fascinating subject then please contact me for a chat.


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