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Stop Smoking at the Healing Sanctuary

Yes, you can smoke. You have that choice. Or maybe it doesn’t feel like a choice anymore. Once you chose to smoke but now it is a habit that keeps you hooked. Is it time for you to take control and stop smoking?

There are many reasons we choose to begin to smoke but often it is about being one of the crowd and fitting in. Now you’re standing out and have to stand outside on your own or in a small group to continue to smoke. Maybe you’d like to give up to improve your health or maybe the cost is your reason. In July 2019 the average cost of 20 cigarettes was £10.80. If 20 a day are smoked that’s a yearly total of £3 942. Just think about what else you can spend this money on. Maybe you want to treat yourself or a loved one with this cash bonus when you stop smoking. A holiday, updating your home, money to help your children or grandchildren. We are all individuals and everyone I work with to stop smoking has their own reasons for and their own benefits of stopping.

Stop smoking at the healing sanctuary

This is where I can help you to achieve your goals. I offer a package of  hypnotherapy that addresses both the reasons for your smoking and the benefits of giving up. The work is done over 2 sessions and is reinforced with a recording you can listen to at home (but never when driving). We can work together directly with the subconscious mind. You can replace the smoking habit with a new healthier way of life. The cost of this package is just £175. Easily recouped from the first months savings when you stop smoking.

Why wait any longer?

For further information on how I can help you please contact me.

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