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Stress, Anxiety & Depression
Stress, Anxiety & Depression

Do you need help to manage the stress in your life? Is anxiety holding you back from experiencing life to the full? Is depression keeping you stuck in the past?


Stress is a natural part of our lives and without it we would never be motivated to achieve anything. But have you ever come to the point where you feel always on high alert and cannot seem to  relax? Sometimes our ‘fight or flight’ mechanism is being triggered so often our bodies are constantly being flooded with chemicals.  We need these chemicals if we are in real danger, but not constantly.

I can use hypnotherapy to bring you welcome relief from stress by teaching  relaxation. We can also explore situations in your life that are cauing the stress. I would recommend several sessions to bring the unpleasant symptoms under control again.


If you continue to allow stress to go unchecked over the long term it can lead to feelings of fear and worry on a daily basis. This is anxiety. It can be general in its nature or be focused upon one aspect of your life. Sometimes it can feel as if you are anxious about being anxious. It can affect your whole being – emotions, behaviour and physical health. If left unchecked it can feel as if it has taken over your life.

During a course of hypnotherapy I will give you practical tools to cope with the symptoms and you will have the opportunity to deal with the cause. We can reprogramme the subconscious to deal with the fear.

If you have severe anxiety it can often be experienced as panic attacks. You may find they are triggered by a stressful event and can cause a variety of unpleasant physical symptoms. It is important to rule out any underlying medical condition and I recommend a visit to your GP prior to a course of hypnotherapy. During your sessions you will be encouraged to take back control.

Your hypnotherapy programme will be tailored to meet your individual needs.

Mild to Moderate Depression

Depression is often associated with anxiety, but you may find these debilitating feelings can arise from events in your life which are difficult to cope with. It may leave you feeling unable to enjoy life and not interested in what the future has to offer. If you have been diagnosed with either mild or moderate depression it can be helped by exploring thoughts and feelings and learning to focus the mind more positively. A programme of 6-8 sessions is recommended for this work.

For further information on how I can help you please contact me.

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