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Hypnotherapy & Reiki

Welcome to The Healing Sanctuary website, promoting a better understanding of who you are and how you would like to experience life. You’ve already taken the first step to making positive changes by exploring this site. Whether you require clinical hypnotherapy or Reiki, I can tailor an  individual programme of treatment to meet your needs. A FREE initial consultation allows us to get to know each other before beginning to work together. Start exploring expert hypnotherapy in Fareham and begin your journey.

We all live in a fast paced world and have little time for self-reflection. Deciding to devote time and space for that self reflection could be the best present you ever give yourself. Have a look around the site and please get in touch via the contact form or give me a call with any questions you may have. If there is something you want to change in your life then let’s do it! There is never a better moment than now.

The Healing Sanctuary - Rainbow

“Words can never say how much we appreciate how you’ve helped our son.”

Rating: 5

“As we travel through the years, there are probably only a small handful of people who could honestly be said to have had a truly life changing impact on us for the better. For me, Angela is one of these. Friendly and understanding, Angela took time to listen to my individual needs, and from her oasis of tranquillity, the Healing Sanctuary, skilfully helped me to find the calm and peace in my life that I wanted. Every visit left me feeling better both physically and mentally.

The difference she has made has been quite remarkable, and in turn provided additional and unexpected benefits. Her success has exceeded all hopes and I will be eternally grateful for her help as I continue my journey along life’s path, so much the happier for having made her acquaintance.”

Rating: 5

“My time with you has had such a positive impact upon my life in many ways. Your friendly approach to your skilled role was much appreciated.”

Rating: 5


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