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Working With Children

Growing up can be a stressful process for any child. The modern world is full of pressures for them. They are under pressure to conform and also have a constant bombardment from social media. Children find very little time to just ‘be’. Time for self reflection is vital. Then on top of these everyday pressures they have tests and exams leading to anxiety and fear of failure. I have years of experience in working with children and below you will find a few of the areas I can help them with.

Educational Performance Programme

I work both ndividually with young people, and with small groups. Over 3 sessions I aim to bring about a positive change in mindset. In short it gives them a set of ‘mind management’ tools. It helps them focus on success rather than failure. I recommend this programme of sessions prior to exams, but it is useful at any time. I am sharing skills that can be used for life. Your child can learn a new habit of calm and resilience in their learning.

As a qualified teacher I have always enjoyed helping children achieve their true potential.  If they can gain control of ther thoughts it can increase their feelings of happiness and confidence. They can feel calm despite what is going on in the world around them.

Self Esteem

If your child has low self esteem it can affect every part of their life. It can happen after being bullied or can be an accumulation of negative comments directed at them. After all, if something is said often enough why wouldn’t we start believing it?

I work on strengthening your child’s ego and begin to buld more confidence with them.


Anxiety can affect your child on many levels. Firstly there are the anxious thoughts. These make your child imagine a very negative world. In turn these become very real physical symptoms. Maybe your child has these worried thoughts and physical ailments? If so, you’ll often notice a change in their behaviour. They may avoid certain situations or even have emotional outbursts. If your child is fairly young they may become much more clingy. If they are older they may be irrational and obsessive.

Working with anxiety is my specialisation and I will design a programme to meet your child’s individual needs.

Sleep Problems

Your child may be frightenend of the dark, be experiencing worrying thoughts or be having bad dreams. I can help them to reduce and manage worries and encourage better sleep patterns.

Habits and Tics

Once your child has seen a medical professional to rule out any physical cause, I can work with them to eliminate unwanted habits and manage any tics.


Night time bedwetting can have many causes. After your child has had a medical cause ruled out by a doctor, hypnotherapy may help. The problem may be a bad habit, stress or simply not waking when the bladder needs emptying. Following an in depth initial consultation we can wok together to make positive changes.

Beahvioural Problems

If your child finds school very difficult, has maybe been diagnosed with a hyperactivity disorder, then we can seek to manage these behaviours. This can allow your child to feel happier and more in control.

Being Bullied

If your child is being bullied it can have a devestating effect on them and the rest of the family. They can become withdrawn and feel ashamed. It can lead to a phobia of going to school or, worse still, self harm. Using hypnotherapy I worrk with your child to help them become more assertive and self confident. This helps them to deal with their own emotions more resourcefully. It is, of course, not an answer to bullying in itself. It is more of an aid to feeling stronger and in control of their own feelings and behaviour.

If you would like further information about using hypnotherapy to help your child then please contact me.

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