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Compulsive Behaviour

Do you have a compulsion to drink alcohol, take drugs, spend money or gamble? Can you stay off of social media or away from gaming? Are you struggling with behaviours you want to stop? Do you feel the need to change this compulsive behaviour?

Some of us can get into a pattern of behaviour that feels out of our control. The reward of how that behaviour makes us feel becomes our focus, despite knowing that the behaviour is detrimental to us. Sometimes the use of a substance or our pattern of behaviour affects those we love too. This may be compulsive behaviour.


You can find yourself becoming reliant on alcohol to wind down after a stressful day. You may start having an occasional drink and then, before you know it, you feel compelled to drink every day. A glass of wine or pint of beer becomes how you reward yourself for getting through to the evening. Then that glass of wine quickly turns into a whole bottle. At this point you may well feel out of control to that drinking behaviour. It has become ingrained behaviour, even though you understand the consequences of this much alcohol.


Whether prescription drugs or any other kind, you may find that you have become a slave to taking them. This behaviour can quickly cause many issues in your life. You may want to change this behaviour but not know where to begin.

Spending Money

Problems occur when you feel compelled to spend money on items you don’t need, or sometimes don’t even want. Buying things becomes a compulsion that soothes you and makes you feel better, albeit briefly.


Many people enjoy an occasional bet and nowadays it is extremely easy. Online casinos and betting opportunities have opened it up to everyone with such easy access. It can be simple though to fall over the line into compulsive gambling. If you can’t stop then it is an unhealthy behaviour.

Gaming and Social Media

If you feel compelled to spend every free minute you have gaming then this may have become a problem in your life. This is particularly true if gaming has become more important than sleeping or eating properly. The same is true for the compulsion to be constantly on Facebook or checking other social media. Can you put your phone down or choose to turn off notifications for the occasional day? If you can’t, then it can have a very detrimental affect on your life, including on your relationships.




If you would like further information about using hypnotherapy to help with compulsive behaviour of any sort then please contact me.

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