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Weight Management at the Healing Sanctuary
Weight Loss and Weight Management Requires A Better Connection with Food and Eating

Are you fed up with yoyo dieting or binge eating? Have you tried to motivate yourself to exercise more but failed? So many of us are in a cycle of weight gain and weight loss. It’s important to get out of that cycle and understand your relationship with food. It is fuel for the body but still something to be enjoyed.

Hypnotherapy Programme

I offer a 6 session programme of hypnotherapy that focuses on the important thing – YOU. It is not about dieting, although you will be helped to reduce your food intake and make healthier food choices. Along the way you will be motivated to exercise more (at your own level). I will help you to learn to listen to your body’s signals that say you have eaten enough. The programme also tackles the ‘why’ questions. Why did you begin to overeat and why do you continue to do this. You can regain control of your eating and have the healthy body that you deserve. Is weight loss on your mind?

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How Does This Work?

The 6 sessions are conducted over a 2-3 month period and will be supplemented by recordings that complement your process of positive change. This time frame allows you to clearly see the results of your weight loss and reinforce your positive chnages.

Your programme will be tailored to suit your individual needs and Session 5 may or may not include a virtual gastric band.  This will be discussed and you can decide if you think it would be beneficial to you or not. This can provide added reassurance for anyone who feels they may slip back into old bad habits. The decision to proceed with the virtual gastric band need only be taken near the end of your treatment programme, and can be discussed in more detail if it feels appropriate for you.

For further information on how I can help you please contact me.

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