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Exam Time

Exam time is fast approaching. The pressure is on for teenagers (and even 11 year olds with SATS). There is a culture of constant testing/exam practising in schools. This is not the fault of the schools but the system and framework they have to work with. So what can be done to help create a calmer, more positive mindset for our young people?

  • Take 20 minutes a day away from screens and other distractions and use that time to practise relaxing (yes it does take time to perfect)
  • Focus on breathing slowly and deliberately. Notice how the breath feels and make sure your belly rises on each inward breath
  • Make the outward breath twice as long as the inward breath. Try counting to 3 on the inward breath and 6 on the outward. Then adjust to what is comfortable to you.
  • Learn techniques that help deal with anxiety and worries

Most of all, remember to share your feelings with someone if the pressure gets too much. Exams are important but they do not define who you are and what you can achieve in the rest of your life.

I offer a 3 session programme as an Educational Performance Practitioner (and an ex teacher) to help put worries into perspective and enable a positive approach to exam season. I work with both individuals and small groups in schools. Contact me for details.


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