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What Can We Achieve with a Little Help?

Today is another work day for me. Same old routine. I’m sure you’re all very familiar with that feeling. Get out of bed and get on the daily treadmill. Yet my job is not really like that. I’ve been working as a hypnotherapist for a long time now and each day starts the same. Checking my diary, looking out case notes and thinking about the next step for each individual client. This is the part of the day I enjoy though. Well atually I enjoy most of my work. In my job every client is different and, although I may use certain therapy techniques across the board, I never feel that I am doing the same work with everybody. Unique people require a unique approach. I may be seeing 5 different clients who need help to cope with and manage anxiety, but there the similarity ends. At the start of my career I was surprised to find that anxiety played a part in so many issues. Somebody may phone me to discuss IBS, Chronic Fatigue, alcohol addiction or blushing. Very different problems of course. Yet underneath all of those and more lies an anxiety. So I use my knowledge to help clients understand themselves better and get to the bottom of what is causing their issue. The answer to our problem lies within ourselves. It’s my job to help find a road that leads to that answer. Help clients achieve their goals in life. Help them to find their own happiness and place of peace. I consider myself to be very privileged every single morning as I start my day. We can all achieve so much in one lifetime. The starting point is always deciding who we want to be and then taking steps to get there. What and who do you want to be? See what you can achieve with hypnotherapy.

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