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The Attitude of Gratitude

I’ve just been reading my Facebook feed and I’ve come to the conclusion that people think in two different ways. Or more precisiely seem to fall into two groups. I am ‘friends’ with a few people who seem to notice only the negative things that are happening to them. At least, those are the things they post about. Some people want to flag up each little illness they have, each little trauma from their day and each awful event occurring in the world. The other group of people post about the things in their lives which they’ve enjoyed and appear grateful for, however small. They post about the love for their families and friends or a kind act they’ve observed.

What we focus on is what we become. We create our own world with this focus. Our thoughts establish our beliefs. After all, a belief is only something which we think on a repeated basis. These continuous thoughts are the key to our emotional and physical wellbeing. A focus on the negative parts of our lives are often part of both depression and anxiety. We suddenly only see the bad things in our lives. So how about today we all find 3 things in our own lives we are grateful for? They don’t have to be big things or unusual things. Today I’m grateful for the people who love me, a warm home and the blackbird that makes me smile as it eats raisins from my doorstep. What are you grateful for?

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