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Change – a Scary Thought

There is one thing we can guarantee as we go through life and that is things change. We change, those we know and love change, people come and go from our lives. We change jobs, move house and try new activities. Nevertheless, change is the one thing we often fear the most. Why I wonder?

As we grow and learn we construct ‘a world’ in our own heads. We tell ourselves that this is how things are and we grow comfortable with that world. When suddenly things no longer fit the model we’ve created, it causes us stress. We have to re-evaluate and create a new version of ‘our world’.

Are we at the mercy of change? Do we have to stumble through life trying to keep up with everything that is happening to us? Or do we actually have some sort of control over our own world? Clearly we can’t change what other people do and say. What we do have control over, however,  is how we react to people and events. That is always our choice. We can learn to become more in control of our thoughts. After all, those thoughts are not us. They are simply our way of trying to make sense of what is happening. Often our mind is reacting in a very primitive fearful way to what is going on around us.

So perhaps we need to look at change as an opportunity. A chance for us to grow and learn and become the best version of ourselves – or at least a better version. When change happens a door opens. We need to make sure we are not so focused on the door that is closing that we miss the new opening.


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