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If You Had 3 Wishes What Would You Change About Your Life?

I’m sure we’ve all thought about this at some point in our lives. Would we ask for lots of money? A fancy house and car? Something for our family? Maybe we’d choose to change the way we look? Finally lose that extra weight we’re carrying which we know is affecting our health.

Or would we choose to change something about the way we act in, and react to the world?

As we go through life we develop a perception of the world and how we fit into that. Our subconscious mind tries to keep us safe and well in that world. It is constantly checking our surroundings and the day to day situations we find ourselves in. Do we need to be careful here? Is this place or situation a threat to us?

Sometimes I think the most useful thing we could wish for is more confidence. To get out of bed every day knowing we are a useful part of the rich pattern we call life. Knowing we are just as important as anyone else. But for many people this confidence has been knocked along the way and is hard to find. It’s absolutely possible though to make the change to feel better.

Of course it’s not as easy as waving a magic wand. It takes a real desire to become that changed person. I see this change happen for people regularly and know that everyone is capable of being who they want to be.

It often strikes me as strange that we are all willing to take our car to the garage and have changes made to it that will help it to run smoothly. We don’t want to risk it breaking down. Do we treat ourselves with the same level of concern and respect? Are we willing to take ourselves off to make positive changes? We should all be willing to say yes ‘I’m worth it!’.


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